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Wednesday, July 27

Our best friend in Friday Harbor

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My mother-in-law and I were sitting at the dining room table talking and we had the front door open to let in the nice breeze. When she got up to go to the kitchen we noticed we had a friend (racoon) coming in the front door. He had his two front feet in the doorway as she quickly closed the door. All the guys were outside playing a game of what we like to to call Snitch and Bludgers (it's really Bocce). Joking around we hollered "Help we're trapped by a racoon"...the guys came not really believing us that a racoon was out at 11:30 in the morning. When he saw the guys he ran from the front porch to the deck out back.....

Click on the racoon for the video.....

Listen for my friend when she finally wakes up.


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