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Friday, January 23

Cabinet style before

Cabinet style before
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Here's the rest of the pictures of the recon. Cabinets

Sunday, January 4

Kitchen Facelift

Backsplash tada
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Monday, September 8

Hiking Mount Rainier

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We hiked 5.5 miles. Going from 5400 ft to 6800 feet in 4 1/2 hours. Not Bad :)

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Carbon River

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We planned on Hiking but found the road had been washed out. So we spent the day talking to the ranger and walking small trails.

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Monday, August 18

Seattle Mariners

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Of course we had to take the East coat family to see the Mariners. I'm just glad we won!

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Mount St. Helens

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We spent the afternoon at St. Helens. Amazing and scary at the same time.

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Drive through tree

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Umm... we didn't make it through. :( but it was still fun.

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Thank goodness we had extras cameras in the family...cause this is where someone dropped our camera over the barrier. Totally killed it...but we we were lucky. We manage to get the memory card another 3 inches it would have been gone forever.

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Pinecone fight anyone?

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Giant trees and Giant Pine cones. These were my favorite trees...so huge around...totally amazing. I recommend seeing the Sequoias.

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Dora at Universal Studios

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Everyone loves Dora right? Well in our family we do.

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San Diego Wild Animal Park

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It was sooooooo hot that day. But we made it.
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We hopped under the table at Ihop

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This was right before the 5.8 earthquake we experienced during our breakfast at Ihop. What a day.... we skipped Disney that day and headed to Sea world instead.

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Driving to Cali.

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This is the beginning of or trip to California. We started with Disney, Sea world, Universal and the San Diego Wild animal park... then on the way home stopped to see the Giant Sequoias, Yosemite and the redwoods.

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Thursday, January 3

Tubing Fun at Snoqualmie

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Wednesday, December 26

Merry Christmas 2007

Gifts from our cousins
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We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.
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Sunday, November 25

In Loving Memory

Virginia March 1958 2nd grade
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Virginia Ann Tarver
April 28, 1950- November 11, 2007

We love you and will forever miss you.

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Monday, August 20

Museum of Natural History In NYC

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AMAZING!!! A must see if your in New York.....I could spend a week looking at everything.... and it was cheap to get in.....The kids loved it.

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New York New York

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We ended our amazing vacation in New York. Here are a few of the pictures.....I took sooo many... I'm sure you don't want to see all of them...hahaha.
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Tuesday, August 14

The Freedom Trail

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We got on the T headed to Boston and walked the freedom trail. It takes about the whole day to check out all 16 sites. It's so worth it.... another way to make history come to life. Click to see more pictures.

Driving Range

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We hit the driving Range while we hung out a Point Sebago. The boys found it was harder than it looked.


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Check me out...... We went Kayaking down the Sacco River. I was scared at first......but I totally loved it. Click to see more pictures. :)

Plimoth Plantation

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This was a great..... makes History come to life. We went to see Plimoth (Plymouth) Plantation, Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II. The people who worked there were all in character and talked and acted like they had just arrived.It was kinda hard to answer some of their questions such as what is your profession.... It was an actually functioning plantation...with small gardens and a few animals such as chickens and goats. The Wampanoag villages were amazing....how their homes were built totally of tree bark and what their way of life was like. They actually had food cooking that smelled pretty good. It was interesting because the whole place everyone was just going along like it was their normal daily life and we weren't there.... but we could totally interupt and ask questions and mess with stuff. It was really cool. I think the boys will remember that for a long time.

Wednesday, August 1

Good reading for a flight to Boston

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Here be some of our flight pics...and a few from the drive to the brother in laws house.

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Playing on the waterslide

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This awesome water slide in the yard....can you believe that? The kids are having a blast. Good thing because it's HOT!!!!!

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We be the Tarver Kids

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We're in Boston visiting family.... here be all the kids (Cousins) ...they are being sooo good :)

Tuesday, June 26

Gardening 2007

Me and my peas
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I'm so excited about my garden. We made two more garden boxes this year and an experimental side garden....I'm hoping for pumpkins. It's off to a good start so far. click on the picture to see the slide show.

Sunday, January 21

Abe Sapien

Abe Sapien
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So I've been told...I'm not doing very well at keeping my sight up to date. Sorry all. Well what have I been up to? Mainly making my dining room table disappear...under all my art stuff. So here is a sample...The Abe Sapien shirt I made for my boys....This is my first multi color print... I used 4 colors and 3 screens. Not perfect...but not bad either..if I say so myself.

Saturday, December 30

Orchestra 4th grade

Orchestra 4th grade
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Sunday, October 15

Look whos sewing

Look whos sewing
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What cool stuff you make outta old T shirts

Sunday, October 8

What I've been up to

Dance like a scarecrow
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Okay so I've been slacking on keeping the site update....but I have been having fun. I've been screen printing my t shirts and now I'm starting to do some reconstruction of shirts. I'll let ya know how it goes. I guess the next batch I should make a video of....
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