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Monday, April 25

Soul Man

Soul Man
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I do a lot of explaining here....and get preoccupied with the computer. I tend to do that sometimes....

Just keep watching

Music: Blues Brothers - Soul Man

Sunday, April 24

After school snack

After school snack
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This is our usual.

We hurry and eat something, then head out to our next activity.

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Music: Trance Ambient - Trails & Tribeulations

Saturday, April 16

The simple things in life

sweet hot chocolate
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Some things you can't set up. Like brotherly love.

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Friday, April 15

Musical stylings of the super cheesy

Musical Style
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Check out this musical genius! Must see footage....this should make your day

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Sunday, April 10

We are The Tigers!

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This is our amazing soccer team...with an undefeated season. They rock!

Hope you have 12 minutes to spare...there's a lot of footage here.


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Go Tigers !

Soccer team
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Hello to all
Take a look a the pictures from our little ceremony at Dairy Queen. Also if anyone has any additional pictures that I could include here please e-mail them to me. I was unable to take as many pictures as I would have liked to. You can find my e-mail address in my profile on this page.

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Saturday, April 9

Good times and good food

SO what's to eat
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We went to a friend's BBQ and Jason ended up grilling like always. I think he likes standing there being in charge of it. It's a control issue... we all know that. Good times for all.

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Saturday morning

7 am
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I woke up almost before anyone, and decided to make a video.
Here's what it looks like before we all get going.

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Monday, April 4


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Daily Nutrition Facts

So this is Jason's new diet... When nothing else works, go with a cup of coffee.

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Friday, April 1


WOO HOO it's spring break ! I'm not sure what we will be up to. Nothing major though. Probably just resting and working around the house...