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Sunday, March 27


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I hope everyone had a happy Easter. We dyed eggs last night...to find in the morning that neither one of the boys really care for hard boiled eggs. Though Jojo loves egg salad sandwiches. Guess what he's having for lunch. Payton doesn't really care for eggs no matter how they are cooked. But it was fun anyway...
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Sunday, March 20


The boys are playing indoor soccer and Jason and I are coaching. We have an amazing team of 6 and 7 Year olds. There are 10 boys and 3 girls. At this age you don't offically take score, but the kids all know... and they are proud. So we only have 3 games left in our season and so far we are undefeated. Only once has someone scored on us. Pretty amazing if you ask me. When we started I thought.. ok well it'll just be kicking the ball around and trying to get it in the net. I was wrong..
We hold pratice every Wednesday for an hour and Jason teaches them a new skill each time (I assist). And every game they are better and better. Yesterday we stompped the other team...and we cheered like it was a pro Game...it is so much fun to see the kids and parents having a great time. GO TIGERS!

Tuesday, March 15

Blow a bubble

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This is on the way home from that horrible party.

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(Didn't read about the horrible party...goto...More about me in my links)

Wave to the Train

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This is actually after soccer.

This is on the way to lunch at Steamers.

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Soccer Skills

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Wanna see some mad soccer skills...

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More Soccer Skills

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It must run in the blood...or something.

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Monday, March 14

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you
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He's a big big boy now.

Catching up quickly.

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the birthday song

Wednesday, March 9

My addiction

So this is my addiction...You can probably tell by all the changes. I've spent many hours trying to figure this out...But I finally got it. WOO-HOO!! Make sure to check out the links that go to my other pages. I'm gona try and post often so everyone can keep up with what is new.
Right now I am the only one awake. We WERE watching a movie but everyone else passed out on the couch. That's okay it's been a long day, the boys had soccer practice this evening. That usually wipes them out. Drop me an e-mail or leave a comment so I know you've been here.

Sunday, March 6

This is the real me

This is the real me
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Who's ready to have a good time?

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Thursday, March 3

What?? You Didn't get your birthday treat?

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So today is Jojo's birthday. What kid doesn't want a special treat to share with his class? I sent doughnut holes for snack.
Watch the video to see what happens.....click on me.

Oh yeah it starts with me being dorky...just hang on.

Listen to the rant ...I have the right to be MAD!!!

Rant 2
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So my poor baby was disappointed on his birthday. That just sucks!

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