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Sunday, March 20


The boys are playing indoor soccer and Jason and I are coaching. We have an amazing team of 6 and 7 Year olds. There are 10 boys and 3 girls. At this age you don't offically take score, but the kids all know... and they are proud. So we only have 3 games left in our season and so far we are undefeated. Only once has someone scored on us. Pretty amazing if you ask me. When we started I thought.. ok well it'll just be kicking the ball around and trying to get it in the net. I was wrong..
We hold pratice every Wednesday for an hour and Jason teaches them a new skill each time (I assist). And every game they are better and better. Yesterday we stompped the other team...and we cheered like it was a pro Game...it is so much fun to see the kids and parents having a great time. GO TIGERS!


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