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Sunday, May 29

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
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Yup.... he's 8. When did he get so big?

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Monday, May 23


reycling bins
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These guys are delivering our new recycling bins. They are fairly large...96 gallons. I watched the guy in the truck for a while hoping that he wouldn't fall. It's really wet out and the bins are full of water.

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Music: Santana
Singing Winds, Crying Beasts

Monday, May 16

Roaming Deer

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These deer are roaming in my neighborhood. They hang around quite often. We just happened to be driving up the street next to them.

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P.S. I had my camera on a different light setting earlier in the day....and didn't want to risk not getting the footage to change it...forgive me for the coloring.

Monday, May 9

Cougar Idol 2005

Talent Show
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The boys were fantastic, and they had a great time!

There were roughly 30 performances, a mixture of singing,dancing and karate.

It was great!

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Tuesday, May 3

New Dresser

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We had to replace the old dresser. It just wasn't working.
I can't be mad if you didn't put away your laundry
because the drawer won't open.

Sunday, May 1

Closed for remodeling

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This is our local corner store,
and some commentary to archive
what's happening in our neighborhood.