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Monday, May 23


reycling bins
Originally uploaded by petarver.
These guys are delivering our new recycling bins. They are fairly large...96 gallons. I watched the guy in the truck for a while hoping that he wouldn't fall. It's really wet out and the bins are full of water.

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Blogger Josh Leo said...

These guys don't look like they have this down to a system yet...in fact it looks like they just got two random guys off the street and said "hey wanna deliver these things?" I really liked this video...something that you don't get to see every day.

1:27 AM

Blogger Doug said...

Just watching this I think it would be easier to take down a whole stack at a time, seperate them while the stack is lying in a horizonal position and roll each individual bin to each home. I guess I'm putting too much thought into this. At least your community has a recycling program. Here it is up to individuals to make the effort entirely themselves.

3:29 PM


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