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Sunday, April 24

After school snack

After school snack
Originally uploaded by petarver.
This is our usual.

We hurry and eat something, then head out to our next activity.

You know the deal....click the picture.

Music: Trance Ambient - Trails & Tribeulations


Blogger The Faux Press said...

Your boys are precious!

Welcome to the videoblog list.


4:27 PM

Blogger Jay Dedman said...

this is amazing.
how did you find out how to do this?
a world i would never have seen.
you are a natural.
Iim telling you..this is revolutionary.)

1:37 PM

Blogger ryanne hodson said...

you making french fries and chicken nuggets
will change the world
and turn the traditional media on their bums.
good work!

8:20 AM

Blogger Josh Leo said...

this is just a SNACK?! I eat that for a meal sometimes.

and you eat dinner after this too? Wow.

This was a good post....very normal, but very great.

4:51 PM


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