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Tuesday, August 14

Plimoth Plantation

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This was a great..... makes History come to life. We went to see Plimoth (Plymouth) Plantation, Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II. The people who worked there were all in character and talked and acted like they had just arrived.It was kinda hard to answer some of their questions such as what is your profession.... It was an actually functioning plantation...with small gardens and a few animals such as chickens and goats. The Wampanoag villages were amazing....how their homes were built totally of tree bark and what their way of life was like. They actually had food cooking that smelled pretty good. It was interesting because the whole place everyone was just going along like it was their normal daily life and we weren't there.... but we could totally interupt and ask questions and mess with stuff. It was really cool. I think the boys will remember that for a long time.


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