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Wednesday, June 1

Folk Life Festival 2005

Folk life festival
Originally uploaded by petarver.
I love going to the folk life festival.
Where you experience all these
different forms of music and food.

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Blogger Doug said...

Oh wow I'm blown away! I love the music and nothing is better than watching the music as it is being played. Thos are some talented people. Enjoyed this clip a lot.

9:24 PM

Anonymous Clint Sharp said...

Do you guys live in Seattle? Had no idea. We were there this weekend. If you guys want to get together on Sunday (tentatively), we're trying to get together with Bre from imakethings.com somewhere on the west side. More details forthcoming, but if you do live here and you're interested in getting together then or sometime else, shoot me an email (the address is on the about page on my blog). Hope you had fun, there's a video of mine from the same place (with much poorer audio) going up tonight.

11:35 PM

Anonymous croquetbroom said...

wow, i'd love to be that xylophone thingy. it's getting one heck of a massage!

12:00 PM


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